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HD/3D Panoramic Display

Consumers already expect HD performance. Soon they will expect their media to be served as photo-real and 3D. Consumer engagement and excitement also depends heavily on perceived display size. Consumers frequently “trade-up” to ever-larger televisions and computer monitors to improve their entertainment experience. They also buy tablets to enjoy screens which are much larger than those of their smartphones. Consumers visit IMAX theaters to gain maximum impact from new generations of high quality content. Respectively, consumers expect video eyewear to deliver exceptional and “big” video experiences. None of the traditional approaches can or will deliver HD/3D content with the big screen experience that consumers crave. The Innovega iOptik™ architecture relays digital media to the eye in a way that is consistent with the way we view the world around us and consequently the virtual media “canvas” that it delivers is several times larger than that of conventional video eyewear.