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Innovega will change how we look at our world – “both” our real-world and our digital world that today provides us with so much of our entertainment and valuable information. By enhancing our normal vision using special contact lenses we make it possible to view virtual and augmented reality images in the same way we view our real world. It further enables us to select how we personalize, coordinate and blend our virtual media with real-world activities. iOptik ™ will be the platform of choice for emerging social media and augmented reality applications.

The conventional approach to designing video eyewear locates tiny flat-panel displays in the frame and aligns them with optical components that focus the image so that the wearer perceives they are viewing a normal television screen or small monitor. While this approach has merit, it results in a trade-off of viewable screen size with the bulk of necessary eyewear optics. Innovega recognized that in order for video eyewear to advance as a successful new category of product, this trade-off needed to be removed. In our designs, the optics are entirely eliminated from the eyewear frame enabling higher performance and better style than ever before.

The following video was recorded at CES 2012.