Business Model

Innovega is developing proprietary display technology based on eyewear and contact lenses that enhances human vision allowing the wearer to simultaneously access digital media while remaining fully engaged in their normal activities.

Our business model is to license patented video eyewear technology and platforms to digital media and consumer products companies, enabling them to deliver high-performance personal displays in compact form-factors. The resulting products and platforms will offer unique benefits that include transparent optics, panoramic fields of view, and full HD/3D performance, while enabling stylish and highly functional eyewear designs.

Similarly, we will outsource and license the manufacture of iOptikTM contact lenses. Our business model will offer contact lens manufacturers the opportunity to develop new and large consumer segments that are not presently served by today’s contact lens industry.

Strategic partners / customers will benefit from Innovega's strong patents and other intellectual property based on Innovega being the first commercial designer of products in this new display category.

Other supply-chain opportunities will exist for those companies that wish to participate in the manufacture of our personal eyewear platforms

Interested parties should contact Innovega.