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Ideal Mobile Interface

During the past five years we have experienced explosive growth in smartphone sales and in video downloads. Over 500M Smart phones with ever-increasing processing and graphics capabilities are sold each year. Hundreds of thousands of applications aimed at providing better access to the wealth of Internet information have emerged. More video and entertainment services than ever before are readily available. These trends are forecast to continue for some time.

The "window" into this enormous wealth of rich media for the mobile user is limited by the small 4 inch handset screen. A larger screen demands a larger phone which would not fit in the average pocket or purse, and so would not be accepted. Here is how a modern website is displayed on a typical smartphone:

Can anyone read this? Not without a lot of scrolling and zooming! And can we honestly enjoy a movie or rich gaming experience from such a small screen? Many of us are improvising – but still looking for the industry to finally deliver an ideal mobile display in the form of attractive, high-performance eyewear.

Most consumers consider any monitor smaller than 20 inches to be too small for our desk-top computers. However, in the name of portability we are forced to settle for 4 inches which is far less than we need and want.

Fortunately, we will have access to a screen that parallels a large desk-top monitor of 36 inch equivalent in an entirely compact, portable form-factor with the iOptic™ eyewear.

The need for better visualization of digital content is great and showing no sign of abating. The iOptik™ platform offers unique and powerful advantages to users of smartphones and all other portable devices. Innovega is committed to ensuring mobile users have a means to maximize the digital content and processing power already available to them.