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Immersive Video and 3D Gaming

The best video games and movies transport us to new and different worlds. Enjoyment and engagement relates directly to the realism of the visual experience. The "Holodeck" from Star Trek is perhaps the best-known example of complete immersion where the visual senses of the participants are completely filled with computer generated imagery.

Realism and engagement depends on filling the user’s visual senses. A high degree of immersion and thus realism is made possible with Innovega's iOptik™ system which enhances normal eyesight by enabling wearers to visualize digital imagery in the same way that they see their normal world. New levels of enjoyment can be delivered with today’s full HD/3D content. The achievement is all the more exciting when consumers can be fully mobile when accessing this content.

The "Holodeck" further obtained immersion by providing life-like perspective based on the occupants' position relative to virtual objects. This same interaction can be provided for video gaming by incorporating "head tracking" into the iOptik™ gaming glasses. The user will observe and navigate the gaming world just like they can in their real world. Imagine this experience when playing your favorite first-person video game.

A term coined to explain virtual reality is “suspension of disbelief”. It is used to describe a state where the user accepts and believes that the virtual content is real. This occurs at a very large “field of view” where the usual human peripheral vision sees only the virtual media and accordingly concludes that “the virtual must be real”. This is the experience that we achieve in an IMAX theater. The first iOptik™ system will achieve the same field of view that consumers enjoy at a multi-million dollar IMAX theater and as such will be able to deliver highly unique and exciting video and gaming experiences.

Innovega is dedicated to making immersive viewing a reality!.