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Contact lens-based Google Glass competitor unveiled at CES 2014, iOptik
CES 2014: Innovega iOptik Contact Lenses Give You Superman's Eyes
CES 2014: Innovega unveils iOptik lenses with augmented-reality tech
IEEE Spectrum
Innovega delivers the wearable displays that science fiction promised
Nine companies that want to put their computers on your face
Your Story
iOptik lenses open multiple windows to augmented reality
NDTV Gadgets
Contact lens-based Google Glass competitor unveiled at CES 2014, iOptik
Android Authority
Augmented reality contact lenses compete with Google Glass at CES
Futuristic video screen contact lenses take on Google Glass
iOptik augmented reality contact lens prototype to be unveiled at CES
International Digital Times
iOptik Contact Lenses Bring Wearable Technology To Your Eyeballs At CES 2014
iOptik From Innovega Is An Augmented Reality Contact Lens
Daily Mail
The contact lenses that could do away with TV screens: System that projects images onto the eyeball to be unveiled next week
Fox News
Innovega to demo augmented-reality contact lenses at CES
This could be the most amazing thing coming to CES next week
c|net CES Special Coverage
Augmented-reality contact lenses to be human-ready at CES
Meet the Seattle 10: These innovative startups are looking to change the world
Look Out, Google: Startup making high-tech glasses an (augmented) reality
8Bit Future
Video: iOptik contact lens display.
The Verge
Innovega combines glasses and contact lenses for an unusual take on augmented reality
Aol. On Tech
Innovega Full Immersion Glasses First Look
DVICE Imagined by Syfy
Eyes-on with Innovega's augmented reality eyewear from the future
c|net CES Special Coverage
Future vision: Wearable tech that requires FDA approval
PRWeb Online Visibility from Vocus
CES 2013: Innovega Demonstrates Wearable Transparent HUD
Innovega hacks your eyeballs with their iOptik augmented reality eyewear
Huffpost Tech Canada
Innovega iOptik Contact Lenses Could Be Used For Super Soldier Vision
Fox News
Super soldier vision incoming?
Fast CoExist
The Lens Of The Future Sees Much More Than What's In Front Of You
Yahoo News
These Contact Lenses Give You Superhuman Vision
Gadget Land India
Innovega iOptik Contact Lens: Concept Released and Technology Revealed
big think
Forget Google Glasses: Our 'Smart Phones' Will Soon Be Contact Lenses
Innovega's dual-focus eyewear to make augmented reality battlefield-ready
Innovega's New Contact Lenses Simultaneously Focus Near and Far Away (video)
TG Daily
Pentagon tests "smart" contact lenses
All Things D
Wearable Devices: How Geeky Glasses and Wristbands Will Move Mainstream
Times Leader
Another tech company takes Google glasses concept up a notch tech talk nick DeLorenzo
All Things D
Wearable Devices: How Geeky Glasses and Wristbands Will Move Mainstream
Oakley working on Google "Project Glass"-like eyewear
QR Code Press
Pentagon orders augmented reality contact lenses from Innovega
Ars Technica
Valve teases "wearable computing" research with augmented reality overlay
1 UP
Valve's Wearable Computing Experiments Could Be a Big Deal
News Direct
Pentagon orders augmented reality glasses, lenses
Red Orbit
Are Apple, Valve Collaborating On Wearable Computing Technology?
Augmented Reality: Innovega combo contact-lens heads-up wearable
Contact lens displays are incoming for 2014
Are Apple And Valve Cooperating on an Answer to Google Glasses?
Contact lens of the future may be here
iOptik dual focus contact lenses gets Pentagon order
Slash Gear
DARPA to get prototype dual focus contact lenses for testing
BBC News
Dual-focus contact lens prototypes ordered by Pentagon
Pentagon eyes augmented reality displays
AC Lens
Reality Contacts and Glasses: Are They The Future of Vision?
Pentagon orders multifocal contact lens prototypes
The Future of Screens
These Contact Lenses Give You Superhuman Vision
BBC News
The contact lens that sees double

Google Begins Testing Its Augmented-Reality Glasses
Fierce Mobile Content
Why teens are dumping console games for mobile
Bausch + Lomb to Acquire ISTA Pharmaceuticals
3D contact lenses may be available as soon as 2014
War News Updates
Contact Lenses: How They Will Bring Virtual Reality to U.S. Soldiers by 2013
Entertainment Technology Center
Soon, virtual reality contact lenses to offer 3D panorama
Design Buzz
iOptiks contact lenses project 3D images right into the eyeball
The Wall Street Journal
Video Display Contact Lenses Could be Here by 2014
GeekBeat.TV #405 | Contact Lenses Bring Data Right to Your Eyes!
AOL Defense
Contact Lense Technology Could Give Troops 'Terminator' Capabilities
AOL Government
Contact Lens Technology Could Give Soldiers 'Terminator' Capabilities
Mail Online
Virtual reality contact lenses that beam images directly into your eyes could be on sale in 2014
Scientific American
Virtual Reality Contact Lenses Could Be Available by 2014
DARPA Works On Virtual Reality Contact Lenses
Main Device
Explore Imaginary Worlds With Upcoming Virtual Reality Contact Lenses
big think
Virtual Reality Contact Lenses Are One Step Closer to Reality
Popular Science
DARPA Invests In Megapixel Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses
International Business Times
Contact Lenses: How They Will Bring Virtual Reality to U.S. Soldiers by 2013
Morgan ABBOU
iOptik virtual reality contact lenses
Digital Trends
iOptik contact lenses augment your eyes and allow for futuristic immersive virtual reality
Revolutionary iOptik Dual-Focus Contact Lenses
Tech Entrepreneurs Present Three Wild Tools At The CES 2012
I Can See for Inches and Miles
iOptik Dual-Focus Contact Lenses Could Revolutionize Head-Mounted Displays
Contact lenses upgrade your eyes to enable true immersive VR
CES' Eureka Park shows cutting-edge products
CES 2012: Three Wild Tools from Tech Entrepreneurs
The Sydney Morning Herald
Tomorrow's technology on show today
CES: Better augmented reality with high-tech contact lenses
CES goes Eureka!
Contact lenses research & development news
Science is in the house at CES
High-Tech Contact Lenses Give You 'Terminator' Vision
DARPA researchers design eye-enhancing virtual reality contact lenses

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